Byron - compliance is not sexy, but essential


Byron pride themselves on serving ‘proper burgers’, made from carefully-sourced British beef. Byron came to Dam with a beefy problem - an existing Intranet that no one was using. They wanted to develop a platform that all staff would use, so they could take communication out of email inboxes. The platform needed to provide the restaurant chain with a way to onboard staff and comply with Health and Safety regulations.


We ran a series of workshops with management, and spent time in restaurants to understand what was required.

We concentrated on delivering a platform that managers could begin to use on a daily basis. This included a staff onboarding process that integrated with their cost management and payroll system, and functionality that created paper-free opening and closing checklists. This enabled staff to complete these tasks on mobiles and tablets anywhere in their restaurants.

"Dam understood everything we needed and
delivered a high quality user experience."


Restaurant Managers now access the platform on a daily basis to manage staff, and to comply with Health and Safety training requirements such as how to check the temperature of cooked food and how to safely handle kitchen equipment.

Phase 2 delivered the ability for Head Office to send important communications to staff via the platform, and to capture for audit trail purposes when individuals have read the messages.