Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by

As mentioned in an earlier blog, we are now well into our fourth year as an agency. The first three years were spent utilising the directors’ network of contacts for work and then ensuring we delivered on our promises every single time.


At the start of this fourth year we decided we were mature enough to need a business plan and spent a day with the company off-site setting out our goals and visions for the future of the company. It was very clear that new business was key to any of our plans and we looked into the relative merits of hiring an internal resource or appointing an external agency.


During our search for the right option, I was made aware of a number of programs the Government offers to help SMEs grow their businesses. The one we ended up going for is called Growth Accelerator, which allowed us to bring an outside consultant in as a coach for the business. This coach has helped us to sense-check the work we did back in May and then has worked with the Board to put in place concise and measurable plans to meet our goals.


We have enjoyed having a new challenge face us all through a series of workshops and feel we are beginning to put the building blocks in place that will allow us to achieve the goals and visions we set ourselves.


On top of this, the Growth Accelerator program gives us access to some further government funding, should we require it, to provide training for each of our Board members.


In these austere times this kind of help and assistance should not be overlooked.

Gift Horse



business development manager

We are looking for a Business Development Manager to work closely with the Managing Director to continue the growth of the agency. We have built an agency over the last two and a half years which has great clients and great staff. The Board recognises that now is the right time for the agency to showcase our work to a wider audience using the talents of a great sales person.

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.NET Developer

The ideal candidate will have significant experience in .NET and web development. You will have a genuine passion for software development and related technologies. Attention to detail and a real pride in your work is also a must.

Working with the technical director you will be responsible for ensuring that projects are developed to a high standard and on-time as well as mentoring and educating more junior team members. We'll be looking to you to help shape the future of our development techniques and processes.

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