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The digital education sector is a disrupted market, but one that’s experiencing unprecedented growth. Independent research suggests 50% of learning hours will be online within five years, so the demand for digital content is an exciting and very real prospect.

Dam pitched for, and won, the project to develop a new online platform for ITNedu that would provide educational videos to publishers. The platform had a number of complex integration requirements with ITN Source’s own APIs for content, along with Salesforce for the management of user accounts and sales.


The project was planned in two phases. The first phase was the delivery of a prototype sales tool that would allow the business to demonstrate the capabilities of the new platform and receive feedback from publishers that could be incorporated into the next phase.

Phase 2 then built on the functionality delivered in Phase 1, adding 10 more categories of videos and integrating with Salesforce to allow ITNedu to manage users’ accounts and sales. This was launched on October 5th 2015 to coincide with World Teachers’ Day.

50% of learning hours will be online within 5 years


Publishers are using the system and the feedback they have provided to ITNedu has been extremely positive.

Dan Mills, Commercial Director for ITNedu says:
“After a successful beta launch this summer where we focused on one initial subject area, Physics, it’s great we now have 11 subject areas and enhanced functionality on the site.”