Which? - Designing an impactful retention email journey for the renowned consumer champions


Which? needed expert support to develop an effective CRM journey underpinned by robust insight. Whilst the Which? brand is immediately recognised and trusted, their communications programme needed a stronger retention thread in order to maximise revenue. Dam have worked with Which? for the past 4 years.


Redesign of 'First 30' Campaign Emails

The ‘First 30’ campaign is the communication welcome programme for people who take out a 30 day trial to Which? magazine. We helped Which? to define the overall programme strategy, including the sequencing and subject lines for each of the emails which we then designed and built. We also designed the welcome letter and a new printed wrap that accompanied the first magazine. We have subsequently refreshed these emails and produced seasonal variations of the cover wrap.

Member Data Review

We undertook a project last year to map out the systems and processes within Which? that handle user data. Due to the complexity and number of internal systems within the company, this was a difficult project that required us to run workshops across the organisation with business and technical staff. The resulting report has been used to improve member communications and streamline internal workflows.

Member Magazine Preview Email

We worked closely with the marketing and editorial teams to produce a new responsive monthly email for members to give them a preview of what to expect in that month's magazine. We introduced a new email style for Which? as part of this programme, with accompanying design guidelines. We then built the resulting email template and modules, and integrated them into Exact Target, their chosen ESP.